Funny names that endured

Elizabeth - Oreo One
Bryn - Oreo Two
Laura - Sexxy Shorts
Sean Bibby - Mr The Bibbster
Danny Segal - Sir Mumbles
Lawren - Miss Playa Hata
Mike - Padre Donut in Mis Pantelones
Nick Carter - Reverand Itthemshe
Frank - The Real Frank Roesler Experience
Nathan Sexton - Mr Sexton, Mr Nathan Sexton
Phat Pat - Mr Dabolina, Mr Bob Dabolina
Nick Gruenewald - Miss Lady Jesus
Ryan - Heelshebub
Karen - Miss Llama
Lauuryn - Mrs. Bunny bunny bunny bunny whoops! bunny whoops! bunny bunny bunny bunny! (counted on fingers)
Katy B-H - Mistress Scratch-n-Sniff

Funny names for Mr Dictator

Seņor Schlongtots
Bud Pud Spud
Father Phallus Fries
Don Dongtots