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11:24am JST Saturday 6 March 2010 (day 14591)

I was snoozin' before midnight last night. basically got home and was petting Nibbles kitty and nearly fell asleep while waiting for laundry to finish. I took that as a sign, to skip my normal routine of catching up on the latest on /., ATS, and Project Camelot, and just going to sleeeeeeep.

Contacts out, teeth cleaned, zzzzz

11:27am JST Saturday 6 March 2010 (day 14591)

This morning, I woke up around 8:30, did some contortions intended to stretch my quadraceps (my homework from yoga instructor Paola), and then sat in meditation for 20 minutes from 9:10 to 9:30.

Came out of meditation thinking I should do another bike ride around Japan.

Decided to start researching streaming video via cellular connection; apparently it's possible via ustream's apps. Got sidetracked and read some /. and decided to try Hackernews, and found some good ones, especially considering my new job status of "pending" hahahaha: 11 Rules of Happiness (all the same stuff I've read before, but with an extra oomph), and, dovetailing nicely, What I Learned Raising A Million Dollars For a Startup With No Business Plan and No Financial Projections (While Drinking a Beer)

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