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Electric slide!!

9:03am JST Friday 5 December 2008 (day 14135)

I wish it were a slide, but maybe we'll make those next! In Shibuya Square, I saw a couple of new "exhibits," that look pretty permanent (as in the bricks were replaced with asphalt); four squares with foot prints on them are connected to some sort of electrical cable; with all kinds of information about how they've just discovered this amazing concept of helping the earth by generating power with renewable resources!

There were several sponsors' names on the thing, with a shoe company near top of the list. Walking = making electricty = YES!

8:15pm JST Friday 5 December 2008 (day 14135)

I saw some peeps playing on the electric thingies on my way to the station from work. There was a big display "651.042434 Kwh" or so, but I couldn't tell which Kwh it was measuring.

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K-2 and counting

5:14pm JST Friday 5 December 2008 (day 14135)

Only two more classes with Komatsu. Woohooo!

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8:17pm JST Friday 5 December 2008 (day 14135)

Have some functions written that will apply outstanding balances to the new invoices, though they don't quite work correctly yet. Basically I'm having some item_type conflicts; I already have item types called amt_paid, and the tax adds that to the apparent amount due and is like, "oh hey there's no tax due!"

So I basically need to either redesign how amt_paid is handled, or create new item_types for the historical balances.

I'll check the number of times amt_paid appears in the code; if it seems intractable, I'll do the add item_type method of fixing this.

Let's see if I can fix it now:

This is basically what I want:

amount due on most recent invoice
amount paid on most recent invoice (could be plural)
balance(s) from old invoices' amt_due and amt_paid (combined)

Hmmmm; I have the code open in Coda; though I can't save it (I never could get local copies to work correctly), I can search through it, and it appears that I can adjust the way amt_due is used in the system with the following:

  1. save yer old code

  2. completely rewrite definition of get_overview_amount_due()

  3. in get_invoice_items_for_output(), include amt_due in the $output_array[items] array

  4. remove AND item_type != 'amt due' from next query's where clause

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