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Airplane Day response

10:36am JST Wednesday 13 August 2008 (day 14021)

I tried responding to a guy on the No Planes Theory on YT (link later(?)), but YT ate my response. Twice. The first attempt included a URL like (no http), and the second contained physics911 dot net (no .). Not sure if those ate the response, or bad internet connection, but while I have a second of free time on the train, I'll rewrite basically what I wanted to write and see if I can get it posted.

I replied to this but the response got eaten; I'll try again.

Certainly the wings would be deformed, but they would be ripped from the plane's fuselage, not fold

back and disappear into the Pentagon.  See "The Missing Wings" on physics911 net.

And the Pentagon wasn't destroyed; it's been rebuilt, probably "stronger than ever."
Also, regarding your previous comment: a government would attack its own people to induce fear and
ensure the government's own survival.
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6:50am JST Wednesday 13 August 2008 (day 14021)

A dog sorta curled up (*) beside us, and I noticed she was a woman, basically a Furry, I guess. She smiled al bigly and I wanted to curl up with her, but didn't know if Ami would approve, as she was between me and the dog-woman. I mostly just wanted to meet this critter and ask questions.

With Princess Leah in a room and we could hear Han Solo yammering on about how great he was as he approached the room. His six legged scout robot (basically a 6 legged tripod lookin' thing) scooted into the room and then tripped over something and fell. I grabbed it by its legs and started to swing it like a bat at the floor and the door to shatter it and prove we could match Han Solo in a fight. He came in and said, "why don't we go to Vlad Turin region to talk, so that way if we get in trouble, I'll be arrested, too?" (his proof that he wanted no trouble.) He had a wrist growing down from his head over his right ear, and then I realized it was just a styled radio headset.

OM was in the corner, talking about his fears of not having enough money, and I realized he was on the edge of tears. I told him I hoped he would make all the money in the world, but that he didn't need any money to be happy. He could just meditate and thereby connect with the universe and be fulfilled.

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Great new verb

4:58pm JST Wednesday 13 August 2008 (day 14021)

Until today, I didn't know about this great new verb: recow.

This is from YK:

Heard you're coming tomorrow!

Will recow you then!



restore recow


Sorry to contact you this way; I don't see another way to do so. I wrote the recow entry after my
friend YK sent an email before recowing me last night. My cow had gone on a trip with YK, and I
looked forward to being recowed upon his return.

I readily admit that the word has not seen extensive usage in English, and perhaps should not,
therefore, be included in wiktionary.

But, given that I did spend several minutes writing the entry (sorting out the pronunciation), I
wonder if you could do me a small favor by copying the text of the entry to the WT:-) page, so that
I may link my journal entry to that definition instead of the now-missing recow entry.


 - Rob at robnugen com
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10:51pm JST Wednesday 13 August 2008 (day 14021)

Got U-Cow back and got some pics tonight. With Travis, with Alita, with Cow on my head, Cow with some wine bottles, Cow on a platter.. All of those were at a Spanish restaurant called Casa del Buena or something. I was a bit infatuated with Alita's smile and NZ-ish mannerisms, though she's from Melbourne; maybe they're geographically close not counting the water.

Went to McD's after that for some dessert, and almost played a dare game, but Alita said she was just kidding when she said she could pick up a woman with interestingly dyed,braided,stacked hair. I tried getting a U-Cow pic with her, but she declined, (plus she was on the phone).

We headed then karaoke despite Alita's assurance that she doesn't sing. Basically required our assurance that we wouldn't make her sing. A good time was had by all; I sang Business, Without Me, Be Our Guest, and Raspberry Beret. Others sang other songs, including Bust A Move and others. Somehow, my version of Business was like as perfect as I've ever done it, despite not having done it in months and months and months. Without Me was nearly as good. I was impressed with YK doing Bust A Move; I think he got it perfectly throughout; I errored during the beach portion. "On the beach you're strollin' / real high rollin' / everything you have is yours and not stolen." I was thrown off by the word "strollin'" I don't know what I thought it was, but I didn't think it was that.

Somehow I forgot U-Cow cards at work again, so I wasn't able to give one to Alita, nor to the woman next to whom I'm sitting now on the train. She has a plaid bear nearly the same scale size as U-Cow. The bear has earrings and some cute jewelry.

There's a guy across the train from us with three friends supporting him as he's tearfully upset about something. I've never seen this type of behavior in my years in Tokyo. I've seen guys crying toward angry girls, but never seen this. He's sad and angry, I imagine; he slapped the train door a while ago. Then immediately apologized when everyone looked up at him.

His friends are good support I believe; he's smiling despite still tears in eyes. It's nice.

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