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Fixin flaws

12:06pm JST Wednesday 28 November 2007 (day 13762)

Just finished testing the thing I was working on yesterday. Everything works the way we planned, and then I noticed a way we could make it even better.

Basically on the screen *before* we catch them trying to register the same mission twice, I noticed that we already know they've done it before. So I can actually wipe out 90% of the screen, which was all information about how to register the mission. Just replace all that with a congratulations... you done did already dood it!

1:12pm JST Wednesday 28 November 2007 (day 13762)

Well that was way easier than all the crizzle crap I had done before. We're going to lunch now and then I'll upload to the live server after showing 今井さん after lunch.

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12:15pm JST Wednesday 28 November 2007 (day 13762)

HI Ross

I just read your article on Kindle
which featured the following teaser at the end:

"Next week's column will delve into how Kindle changes the book-buying process, and it's impact on
the wireless and consumer electronics industries in light of Verizon Wireless's announcement that it
will allow consumers to use their own devices on its wireless network.."

I can only assume that extra apostrophe was added by some non-grammar-knowin' monkey who wanted to
ruin your lovely article with a misspelling of its.  Please tell them "it's" always means "it is."
However, the impact of Kindle is its impact.

I will freely admit that the other grammar errors / typos don't rile me as much as "it's" for "its,"
and honestly I don't know the rule for writing the possessive form of "Verizon Wireless," nor if two
periods at the end are acceptable..

I see now that the second "its" in the sentence below is fine, so perhaps it's just a typo on the
first one.

Congratulations on being a professional writer.  Many people read what you write, so please use this
power with care.

  - Rob

The love that you give is the pain that you release.

two hours later:

Hi Rob,
Thanks for pointing out the error. My rule of thumb for remembering which spelling to use failed me. I've corrected the text.
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6:38pm JST Wednesday 28 November 2007 (day 13762)

Bah; this sucks; I'm leaving.

Basically I finished everything around 4:30pm and waited "until 5pm" when 今井さん would come back and 中谷さん would explain everything and get the approval to upload it.

I guess *I* could talk to 今井さん, but I'm being a pansy and don't want to try to muddle through the Japanese chaos. Basically I'm intimidated by him and I'd rather go home and play with Ami.

Aight fuck that. I'm going to show 今井さん now.

6:45pm JST

There. I showed him. Didn't get approval to upload it to the main server, but I showed him.

And I showed myself I can do it!

Okay, now I'm going home to play with Ami.

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6:46pm JST Wednesday 28 November 2007 (day 13762)

Got a funny email from Ami a couple hours ago. Basically she said she was tired and asked if she could go to my house. I have a sneaking suspicion that she's planning something cute. Not sure what it could be, though... Hmmmm.

11:42pm JST Wednesday 28 November 2007 (day 13762)

Welp, looks like I was wrong. I did "sneak up on her" by implying I was still at work, though I was about 3 minutes away from the apartment, and then I knocked on my own door so she wouldn't think it was me.

She opened it and I was like, "わっ!" the Japanese equivalent of "boo!"

She pretended to be scared and shut the door on me at first. Funny stuffs.

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