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4:59am JST Saturday 20 October 2007 (day 13723)

Watching a guy beat boxing in a recording studio, he was flowing for a bit and then just stopped for a couple seconds before breaking character and saying, "right there I want to add some lyrics 'freedom to the power and the power to the people,' in five fifths time."

He rapped the line a few times so it could be sequenced in to the recording.

"Freedom to the power and the power to the people, Freedom to the power and the power to the people. Freedom to the power and the power to the people."

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Error in Google logic

5:32am JST Saturday 20 October 2007 (day 13723)

Interesting. I just found a bug in Google's output. In the search

The output I got included the explanatory text "Results 1 - 10 of about 88 from OR OR for backlink. (0.17 seconds)"

OR bug in

Which is clearly not correct. The *results* are correct: from NOT NOR for backlink.

I wonder how to let them know.

9:22am JST

I sent a message to the black hole of user-feedback, and posted a message to the Google Web Search Help group: error in results description.

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PHP is not terrible

8:31am JST Saturday 20 October 2007 (day 13723)

Well, though I'm not a convert from Perl, I've found some goodness in PHP: useful string manipulation functions. Specifically three (3) sets of regex functions (POSIX, Perl, and multi-byte), and stuff like "dirname()" which returns the directory portion of a full path+filename (instead of me having to parse for the last occurrence of '/'.

As a result, I was able to use the Crop & Resize with JavaScript, PHP, and ImageMagick from Monday By Noon to create this thumbnail, by giving it just the name of the thumbnail.

first Mr Labs

Even though the thumbnail itself didn't exist. Nor even its parent directory!

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awesome thumbnailer

7:24pm JST Saturday 20 October 2007 (day 13723)

I'm really really happy with the thumbnailer, though I want to make a few more tweaks. The version I have available for download is *not* as cool as the version I'm using. Hmmm; perhapse I will SVN it so people can grab the source.

I changed a few of the thumbnail images from the day I went to the Okihiki Festival with Koji in Mie while on my TJ Bike trek.

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