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1:32pm JST Sunday 27 August 2006

In a lot of ways, it's really really easy to live in Tokyo.

If you have any questions about these, look them up on wikipedia or something:

  1. commuter trains

  2. convenience stores

  3. atms

  4. cell phones

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2:09pm JST Sunday 27 August 2006

Going to play ultimate today!

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2:09pm JST Sunday 27 August 2006

going to meet Yuria tonight at 7pm to continue correction and transcription of her translation for work.

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must watch

6:55pm JST Sunday 27 August 2006

Finally getting some mass media attention about demolitions of WTC 1,2,7

spooky stuff:

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毎週日曜日玉川でultimateやる人遊ぶ。できましたら、私も行ってやる。今日仕事がないので玉川で ultimateをやった。よかった。





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zzz maps

2:45am JST Monday 28 August 2006

Bueno. I've finished plotting coordinates of the first major portion of my TJ Bike adventure around Honshu. So far I've done from Tokyo to Koji's house.

It's being calculated as 503 km, which makes me guesstimate that the total for the whole journey will be significantly over 1100km, which I've been telling people when I brief them on the story. Awesome.

Oh, and it won't work in IE. This is intentional, to help people move to firefox.

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